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The Business Readiness Rating (BRR) project, announced in 2005, is an evaluation framework for free and open source software (FOSS). For a variety of reasons, the project has not yet created a thriving community.

As more organizations consider FOSS for business-critical use, the need for the BRR is greater than ever. Accordingly, we reviewed technical and organizational steps to move the BRR forward, including:

  1. the creation of automated tools to extract project data from repositories;
  2. user-friendly mechanisms for entering and searching project reviews;
  3. identification of functional evaluation criteria for the software taxonomy;
  4. expanding the framework to facilitate comparison between FOSS and other software, and;
  5. expanding project leadership.

We have revised the framework based on initial feedback and built prototype tools addressing the first two needs. We will soon be updating this site with new content reflecting our plans to revitalize the community. Stay tuned.